e for strategic development, while the ministr▓y affairs committee is responsible for a

dministrative work. ▓The cooperation has been very smooth," Wan said."The media are often concerned about me as a non-CPC-▓member minister, but actually in many ministries, Par▓ty leaders and administrative leaders are separated. Such a▓ system guarantees our decisions are scientific, democratic and collective."Wan was elected chairman of the China Zhi Gong Da

safety, developing new m

edicines and responding to climate change, he said

e party's proposals at the CPPCC, several are concerned with the work of t▓he Ministry of Science and Technology."The ministry will treat proposals from China Zhi Gong Dang in exactly the same way as those from any other group," Wan said.The nation's brightest minds have been given top honors at China's National Science and Technology Conference. Ch▓inese President Hu Jintao handed out the award certi▓ficates two hours ago at the Great Hall of the People in ▓Beijing.84-year-old mathematician Gu Chaohao and 81-year-old▓ space expert Sun Jiadong walked away with the most pr▓estigious science and technology prize. They also rece▓ived a cash pri

."Climate change is no

llion yuan, or 730-thousand US dollars each.Full text of Chinese premier´s

t just about global warming, but h

speech at University of CambridgeLUSAKA, June 10 (Xinhua) -- A top Zambian government official warns▓ the southern Afric

as both ▓advantages

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